Popularity Of Sexual Education And Achieving A Safe Motherhood

In last few decades, the value of sexual education has increased due to the incidence of many mishaps. The dangerous effects of sexual abuse, child molestation, rape, murder, illegal sexual indulgence have contributed to the growing popularity of sexual education. You cannot stop the inevitable but still you can take precaution. The sex world is very vulnerable and it invites all the dangerous effects of sexual activity; if mishandled. Thus it is a small measure to educate the mass globally regarding sex through comprehensive education. Mass awareness is generated through various organisations that promote education on sexuality. Safe sexual habits resulting in a healthy pregnancy will not only produce a healthy child but also a safe motherhood. Evidences show that combination of skilled sexual education and birth control decrease chances of unintended pregnancies in teenagers. Sex education not only confines itself to the unit to teach about conceiving of babies and reproduction but it provides a scope to help the youngsters incorporate sex significantly into their present life and future to get the basic understanding till he reaches maturity.

Internet And Its Impact On Youngsters Regarding Sexuality

The most deadly combination of internet and sexuality can be found everywhere with the growing incidence of crimes. You will find teen groups have their eyes fixed to the internet gazing for a long time and browsing through many sites about sex and how to use a penis pump. They become exposed to various porn sites and other illegal videos that are a hindrance to their mental development and personal well being. There must be an age limit and there must be some facility to restrict teenagers from viewing such sites. Internet has revealed everything that one must know and one must not at a certain age. Internet can be very reliable source of sex education as you can clear all your doubts online and you can also consult a doctor in case of a medical emergency, but it can be a potential threat for the young mass if not properly handled.

Know Your Sexual Rights And Comprehensive Sex Education

The first school of a child is his home and the first teachers are his parents undoubtedly. Parents play a big role in framing the mind of a child and educate him not only to learn but also to help in building a personality.