Preventing Sexual Abuse by Spreading Sex Education

The prime role that sexual education plays is to help to attain a healthy life with safe sexual practices. The various pros and cons have lead to the demand of this type of education. The vulnerable age of sexual abuse is the childhood period where the innocent lives are crushed brutally and their blossoming emotions and childish activity is murdered under the veil of sexual abuse. You must have noticed a sudden change in the behaviour of your child, or his over liking towards a particular person or withdrawal of self from a particular person. These are the early signs of sexual abuse. Your child must be undergoing through a mental torment where he fails to express himself as how he feels or fails to share his experiences. The child must be totally aware of the happenings around, and here is the case where the role of sexual education comes into play. Parents must be very alert to observe the behaving patterns and the emotional disturbances of the child. Correct knowledge of touch perception in different parts of the body can prevent being a victim to sexual abuse. The child must be educated about the relationships and their respective limitations while dealing physically.

Promoting Safe Sexual Practices In Teenagers

The most dangerous period is the puberty period where one may slip into biggest mishaps. The growing incidence of school pregnancies, the unwanted pregnancies among youngsters, increasing abortions, and other illegal activities hampers the dignity of the individual and also breaks down the health. The age consent is a vital factor in teenager when they are exposed to open and unsafe sex. Sexual education teaches you the right age to involve yourself in sex, and your sexual rights. The adolescent sexual practices have magnified itself to a very vulnerable state where everything is at stake. Thus the correct information should be passed and the consequences must be well explained beforehand. Teenagers must be imposed with strict restrictions and must be well observed because they are at high risk. They must be informed about the hazardous effects of sexually transmitted diseases and the practice of polygamy must be shunned.

Sexual Education Among Married Couples

Although marriage gives a license to practice sex, but there are still certain things that must be kept in mind among the married couples. The alarming population explosion can be controlled if the married couples are educated effectively. Education does not only imply book study but it denotes a correct form of application. Married couples must be informed about the value of sex, the healthy living through healthy sexual practices. Keeping in mind the health of a woman, the husband must abide the rules of contraception that promotes birth spacing. You must be well aware about the birth pills, natural family planning, male and female condoms that are an effective tool to promote correct sexual habits in couples. Several precautions regarding prevention of STD’s and other health hazards are invoked through right sexual indulgence. Safe sexual practice and monogamy is the key to happiness and healthy life.