Role Of Parents In Sexual Education

The first school of a child is his home and the first teachers are his parents undoubtedly. Parents play a big role in framing the mind of a child and educate him not only to learn but also to help in building a personality. Parents must not hesitate to share and discuss matters related to sex. You must not feel shy while talking to your child regarding sexual matters. You must educate your child slowly and with much of picture illustrations to clear their doubt. Especially a mother plays the pivot role in wiring the child. Parents must explain the different organs by their names and also teach the child about the difference between a boy and a girl. You must be open to your child and must tell him regarding the various touches and how should he perceive it. You must educate him regarding his relationship with others and how to respect himself. Parents must make the child aware regarding the different parts of the body and how can they know the various intentions by the touch. You must keep a watch on his or her daily activities and can prevent him from falling prey to any evil intention. This must be an ongoing conversation to rule out any queries and you must answer all the queries of your child and also inform him or her about the safety measures.

Role Of Government In Sexual Education

In order to globalise the need for sexual education, not only parents but also the government has to take necessary steps to impose this education. The administration must look after the personal well being of every individual and make the world a safer and a better place to live in. It is we, who create government for our better living, and government has also played a great role in providing freedom under certain restrictions. Various programmes have been launched in order to promote better quality of sexual life. The different methods of contraception, birth control measures like oral contraceptives, male and female condoms, IUD’s etc have become an integral part of sexual education promoted by the government. Schools have been instructed to include this topic in their curriculum to spread the education. Government is taking apt measures to control the alarming population rate through various tools of contraception and limit the overpopulation. Various family planning operations are held free of charges to initiate a healthy living among the lower groups. Different campaigns are held that illustrate the importance of small family, better sexual life and safe practices through different leaflets, short dramas, display banners and also through audio and video messages.

Role Of Society In Sexual Education

The very vital role in educating is the society that must be freed from all vices. People around you, educate you practically by demonstrating and following good virtues and maintain good relationships. Society has a deep impact in framing one’s mind to achieve a better interpersonal relationship and be a better human. There must be no display of vulgar pictures or no such activities in public should be done to evoke a bad sense among the present generation. If you need a long lasting impact of sexual education, you must be cultured personally and socially for the betterment of the nation.